200 hour level Yoga teacher training program

  • 120 in-studio contact hours of Asana Study (Yoga poses & flows); Pranayama (Yoga breathing); &Meditation techniques.

These hours include both training in the techniques and the practice of them.

  • 30 in studio contact hours of teaching methodology & alignment principles.  How to cultivate and develop your own teaching style and effectively teach group and private sessions.
  • 10 in-studio contact hours Special Populations.
  • 20 in-studio contact hours of Anatomy, Physiology, bodily systems, organs, energy bodies, kosha’s, dosha’s & chakras.
  • 10 in-studio contact hours of Philosophy, History, Ethics and living a Yogic Lifestyles.
  • 10 in studio practicum’s (each 1 – 1.25 hours)