Pilates small group & private sessions

Free Spirit offers traditional Pilates mat classes as well as Yoga Pilates fusion classes incorporating the use of props, rollers, balls and fitness equipment for a well rounded and unique experience.

Pilates Benefits:  Pilates is the perfect method of body conditioning for strength, flexibility, toning and shaping your body. As a result of practicing Pilates on a regular basis you will notice your posture will improve and as a result you will feel uplifted, energized and more positive.  Pilates will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, assist with the recovery from injuries.  It will transform your self-image and sense of worth and help keep you calm and centered.

History of Pilates:  Pilates is a scientific system of mind / body conditioning that was developed by Joseph Pilates, over 90 years ago.  He was born in 1880 and was a frail child with serious health problems.  As a young man he became passionate about physical fitness as a way to transform his physical appearance and improve his health.  After years of research, study and expertise he created a complete system that combined Eastern and Western philosophies and movements, gymnastics and yoga principles and mental and physical exercises that would strengthen the body and free the mind.   During the war years Joseph designed equipment from anything readily available, his bunk, the bedsprings, a chair etc. to assist people who were not physically able to do the mat work.  (Thus the beginning of the reformer equipment.)  The evolution of the original form of Pilates has evolved over the years as a new generation of professionals have added exercises to develop different parts of the body.  Joseph Pilates work was preserved by Sean Gallagher who is a certified Pilates instructor and physical therapist.  Gallagher has incorporated and integrated Pilates into modalities of treatment that health care practitioners can provide and utilize.