What is Aerial Yoga ?

Aerial Yoga is a Yoga practice incorporating a soft fabric hammock suspended from 2 overhead ceiling mounts, like a swing. The aerials are hip height from the floor

The Aerial Yoga hammock supports you as you explore Yoga warm ups, range of motion exercises, classical Yoga poses and supported inversions. Inversion options are given for those that prefer not to go upside down.

Aerial Yoga will help you strengthen your core, develop functional full body strength, improve your flexibility, range of motion and energy flow.

Aerial Yoga is remarkable for relieving compressed joints, especially spinal compression and helps to align the body from head to toe.

It is a creative, effective and exciting way to practice Yoga and increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having fun.

Aerial Yoga is stimulating for both the brain and the body as you move in 3 D with endless possibilities of positions and shapes. It provides a complete workout that lengthens and strengthens the muscles while lubricating the joints with mobility exercises.

Poses are broken down into simple low impact progressions that anyone can follow.

Wear a t-shirt with sleeves & long leggings for comfort and for maintenance of the aerials.

Please prebook all aerial yoga sessions julia@freespirityoga.ca

Aerial Yoga Pricing

Aerial Yoga classes are included in our unlimited monthly pass

  • 1 hour drop in $17 & gst
  • 10 class punch card $140 & gst
  • Private aerial $75 1 hour & gst
  • Semi Private aerial (2 people) $85 1 hour & gst

Please prebook all aerial yoga classes as we need your height to set up your aerial.

Wear t shirts with sleeves and long leggings

Please pre-register julia@freespirityoga.ca