Cost $395.00 plus gst $19.75  = $414.75



*Minimum 200 hour level Yoga Teacher Training certification.

*Recent Attendance 10 Aerial Yoga classes.  


*Read the recommended Aerial Yoga materials (manual) prior to or while attending Aerial Yoga training. 6 hours

*Complete 4 quizzes pertaining to the reading materials.  Passing quizzes is a mandatory requirement to graduate. 4 hours

*View 4 Aerial Yoga video’s on Youtube and write a review outlining the sequencing on each video, the name of the instructor or school and what you thought of the presentation.  Assignments are to be handed in a minimum of 7 days prior to graduating. 5 hours

*Once your Aerial Yoga training starts you are required to attend 10 in studio Aerial Yoga classes where we will learn the principals of Aerial Yoga, alignment, safety, how to organize the class, hands on assisting and how to modify for all levels.

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to start of class and stay for 20 minutes after the class. 15 hours

Once you have logged in your 10 in studio classes book into 4 in studio class practicums where you will gain hands on teaching experience, teaching segmengts of the class and assisting students getting into and out of poses..  Arrive 20 minutes prior to aerial class to help set up aerials and stay 20 minutes after to take down aerials.  6 hours

* Prior to teaching your practicums please submit your class plans for pre-approval. 4 hours